August 16, 2019
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  • 3 Things You Must Do To Reduce The Possibility Of An Accident

3 Things You Must Do To Reduce The Possibility Of An Accident

  • by Vina Vicki
  • 12 Months ago
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Car accidents either cause physical or psychological harm and sometimes they may lead to both. Besides the injuries and psychological effects, the accidents can in a significant way, waste a lot of your time. If time is a precious part of your life, then you should consider servicing your vehicle as often as possible.

There are several ways and or procedures of dealing with accidents; these include; seeking medical attention, involving law enforcement officers, contacting your lawyer, among others. The services that are offered by a Portland car accident lawyer are mainly geared towards handling anything considered a violation of the laws.

Two of the reasons widely considered to be a leading cause of car accidents are in no doubt, mechanical or electronic problems. The truth is, you can avoid most mechanical issues from happening by visiting your local dealership or mechanic.

  1. Check and service your braking system

While you are speeding, failure of the braking system may lead you to ram into stationary or moving objects. This will result in severe injuries and worst cases, even death. This can easily be avoided by continually checking the entire braking system. This quickly identifies the weaknesses and fix them early enough.

Other uses of the braking system include;

  • To help the vehicle handle unfavorable road conditions.
  • Offer the vehicle stability when parking the car on a slope or even a flat surface.
  • To accelerate or decelerate a moving vehicle.
  1. Check your engine

Your vehicle’s engine may fail, exposing you, your passengers, and other road users to danger. The car engine is a complex network of mechanical and electronic systems. It might be a bit difficult to identify or understand all the faulty components on yourself. The right way to fully service your engine will be through your dealership or a qualified mechanic.

Some of the typical car engine problems are caused by;

  • Dirty oil.
  • Worn spark plugs.
  • The clogged radiator which may be caused by dirty coolant.
  • Coolant loss leading to overheating.
  • Failure of the fuel pump may damage the engine.
  • Poor fuel and air compression.

Your technician or mechanic will identify all the worn parts and replace them, giving you a safe driving experience.

  1. Check your car’s electronic system

Picture this; driving in the middle of the night, then out of nowhere your headlights go out and you realize you ran into something. That can indeed be a traumatizing experience. Your vehicle relies both on the electronic and mechanical systems to function smoothly. And just as the mechanical system, the electronic system needs constant servicing.

The following are some of the signs that your vehicles electronic system might be failing

  • The engine not cranking correctly.
  • Headlights, braking lights, indicator lights may be dimming or not working correctly.
  • Recurring battery problems are also a bad sign.
  • Fuses form an integral part of the circuits in your car, and if they keep on blowing out, that’s a bad sign.

Identifying the faulty components of the electronic system and fixing them in good time will by a high percentage reduce the possibility of an accident.

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