June 18, 2019

7 Common Types of Vehicle Accidents

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Vehicle accidents have become ubiquitous nowadays. There is a chance of accident even on the safest of roads. Vehicle accidents can occur anywhere, anytime and that too without any notice. Some of the main causes of vehicle accidents include; over speeding, negligence, rash driving and more.

Also, places like parking lots and side streets have now become prone to vehicle accidents. There are different types of vehicle accidents and all of them lead to different types of injuries.  It is important to know the kind of accident you have suffered to discuss legal options with an experienced car accident attorney in Kent.

Here are some types of vehicle accidents:

1. Rear-end collisions

This kind of motor accident occurs when the vehicle in front suddenly decelerates or breaks and the vehicle behind is not able to break accordingly. This kind of accident also occurs when the vehicle in front is moving at a constant speed and the vehicle behind speeds up rapidly causing a collision. Victims of this type of collision suffer from an injury called whiplash. The fault is usually of the trailing vehicle and the injury is borne by the impacted vehicle.

2. Vehicle rollover

Vehicle rollover accidents are very dangerous and potentially life taking. Such an accident occurs when a vehicle at high speed makes a sharp turn causing it to lose its center of gravity. The vehicle rolls over and stands on the roof which basically means the head of the passengers is facing the ground.

This kind of accident mostly takes place in sport utility vehicles. Spinal cord injuries are common in this kind of accident. People, however, also suffer from trauma and PTSD after such an accident.

3. Side-impact collisions:

These accidents are also called as T-bone or broadside injuries. In these accidents, the side of the vehicle is impacted by the front, back, or side of another vehicle. Stationary objects on the road can also cause such accidents. Most of the injuries due to this kind of accident are borne by passengers sitting on the impact side. The injuries can be pretty horrifying and prolonged.

4. Head-On Collision

These accidents can potentially take a life if the speed was on the higher side. As the name suggests, this kind of accident takes place when the front end of 2 vehicles collide. Both parties suffer substantial injuries.

5. Single-car accidents

Single-car accidents occur due to the negligence of the driver. Collision with a tree, light post, pole, wall, pedestrians, bystanders etc. is categorized under Single-car accidents. Severe injury to the driver is rare but the intensity of the impact may take a substantial toll on the vehicle. Also, if a pedestrian or bystander is involved, then the driver will have to pay for damages.

6. Hit-and-run

As the name suggests, an accident is called hit-and-run when the driver leaves the site of the accident and runs away. It is very difficult to find and identify the driver.

7. Sideswipe collisions

Sideswipe collisions are not very major and only cause scratching of the side of the car. It occurs when 2 vehicles brush off their sides with each other. No injury is inflicted on the passengers until any one of them loses control of the vehicle due to the sideswipe and results in a collision.


The type of accident has a huge impact on the severity of injuries and damages you can claim. Therefore, it is important to know the various types of collisions and the remedies available to those who suffer injuries.

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