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The passion for sports bikes and motorcycles has always been alive among enthusiasts. When BMW initially launched BMW F800R, it was largely ignored and overshadowed by other glamourous sport and adventure bikes. But the latest and updated version of BMW F800R Sport will leave you in awe. The revised BMW F800R Sport is a fierce yet light and practical roadster that is definitely going to steal away your hearts.

BMW F800R Sport Features

The first BMW F800R Sport was launched six years ago but failed to gain larger amount of audience. But you won’t be able to ignore the revised version of this model that offers you benefits of a strong BMW model at an affordable price. For fair deals and reviews, you can visit  

  • The new version of BMW F800R Sport is a naked model with updated engine and improved performance. It has an engine of 798cc that is eight-valve. The exhaust updates and fuel-injections add about 3bhp and lift the maximum output to 90bhp.
  • The engine is a liquid-cooled parallel twin-cylinder. The modified chain drive transmission makes the six-speed gearbox lowest two ratios smaller and gives an easy urban riding. More upgrades include four-piston radial calipers.
  • When it comes to the styling of the new model, BMW has replaced the twin lights with a single headlight and have redesigned the whole bodywork. The seat is about 10mm lower which aids maneuverability for riders who are short. The handlebar is also wider which helps with a more relaxed ride.

  • The new BMW F800R Sport comes with amazing throttle response and will cruise nonchalantly at legal The overall weight of the model is 202 kg with a fuel tank of 15 liters.
  • The performance of chassis is wonderful with neutral handling and combining light that provides good stability. The front brakes of the BMW are backed up with the standard ABS system.
  • Some other features include dual 320mm front disc brakes and 265 mm rear brakes. It has cast aluminum wheels and an electric starter.
  • You can go for some add-on features at extra cost too like the pillion seat cover, belly-pan and LED lights.

This revised version of BMW F800R Sport can be an amazing buy for the ones looking for top performance sports bikes. Though there are many rivals in the market, BMW F800R Sport is one of the best adventure roadster with a stronger character and advanced features.

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