Mercedes Benz – The Best Choice When It Comes to SUVs

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There is no denial over the fact that SUVs are gaining huge popularity and prominence when compared to other type of vehicles as they are known to be safe, stylish and is able to withstand rough and tough usage. The most interesting thing about SUV is that it is able to ride through any rough paths or roads smoothly and efficiently. Lexus SUV is one of the hot and happening SUV model that is known to work perfect at all conditions and is reliable in terms of capacity and performance.

Lexus and Mercedes

There is a huge demand for both Lexus as well as Mercedes Benz SUVs, however, Mercedes is known to have an edge over Lexus as it offer an extensive range of packages that help one to enjoy the luxury of driving a great car. It helps one to choose amongst remote control facilities like remote start, remote diagnostics, remote location finder and other such features. It is also known to provide with vehicle tracking facility in case of emergency. The best part about Lexus is that it is known to come with less number of standard features so it provides room for customization whereas Mercedes Benz SUV has several standard features which help it deliver better performance output.


Both the vehicles are known to have V8s, but the Lexus model is a 5.7L one and the Mercedes-Benz is a 4.7L one. As far as horsepower is concerned, the Lexus has 383 and the Mercedes has 449. In case of fuel economy, Lexus comes at 15 whereas Mercedes comes at 16. The towering capacity of Lexus is 7000 lbs whereas the towering capacity of Mercedes-Benz is 7500 lbs. As far as safety ranking features and providing better safety mechanisms are concerned, Mercedes Benz scores better than that of Lexus with its Active Brake assist, Distance Pilot DISTRONIC, 4Matic and other such interesting features. These features help with preventing crash and maintaining perfect control over driving. In case of slippery surfaces, the 4Matic® feature sends torque power to the wheels, thereby enabling it to have better control over the slippery surface.

Comfort and luxury

In the case of comfort and luxury factors, Mercedes Benz definitely scores over Lexus as it offers four luxury features and packages to choose from. Mercedes provides a lot of inner space which provides for a comfortable drive on long trips. Also, it offers 14 standard speakers as compared to Lexus that offers nine.

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