June 15, 2018

Road Trips 101: How to Make Campervan Rentals Easy

  • by Vina Vicki
  • 2 Years ago
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Campervans make for excellent road vehicles. They are smaller than a conventional RV and are designed for long trips only. Made using durable materials and providing considerable space for at least three to four people, campervans are a fantastic choice for people who are planning cross-country road trips. If you are planning a road trip from anywhere in the USA and are going with a small group of people, you should definitely consider renting a campervan. Most people who go on road trips are usually on budgets so they have to make sure that the bookings are made on time. Here are a few tips to help you make campervan rentals at an affordable price.

Check out Local Rental Companies

Depending upon where you want to start the trip from, you should first look for several local companies in the area that offer campervans and RVs. Most of the companies that offer campervans and RVs usually have different drop-off and pickup locations. You should search for local campervan rental in the USA from different rental companies first and narrow down your options. Make sure that the drop-off points align with the road trip so that you can end the trip on time. Make a list of different companies in your area that offer campervans at an affordable rental rate before making a decision.

Booking Early

The importance of booking early cannot be overstated enough. Once you have planned where you are going to start the trip from and where it will end, you should make a booking as early as possible. It’s recommended that you book at least two to three weeks early. This gives the rental company enough time to prepare the car for you and make sure that it’s ready for the road trip. Usually, most rental companies give the car with a full tank of petrol. When dropping off the vehicle for return, you should make sure that the tank is full as well. Even if the tank is half full, the company will charge you for a full tank. It’s important that you book early to save a considerable amount of money. When you take possession of the vehicle, ask the company to show you an inspection certificate that confirms that the car is ready for long trips.

Models and Amenities

Plenty of companies offer additional amenities as well, such as on-road services in different areas and other services. Keep in mind that insurance is added to the final rental price so if you already have an insurance policy that provides cover for a rental car, there’s no need to buy another insurance policy. Campervans come in different sizes and several makes and models so you should choose an appropriate model accordingly. Once the payment is made and the booking is confirmed, you can then start planning your trip. The company can deliver the campervan to the airport so you can start your trip right away or you can pick it up from the garage directly.

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