September 6, 2017

Save Your Money and Buy a Used Car

  • by Vina Vicki
  • 3 Years ago
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There are many individuals who believe buying a brand new car is the only way to effectively travel, but this is simply not the case unless you just have money in your pocket you wish to burn. After all, the number of cars on the road which are 10 years old or older is larger now than ever before, and will only continue to grow as new and improved technology makes it easier to build durable and long lived vehicles. There are many reasons why you will benefit from buying a used car, especially if you consider that a “used” car is little more than any car driven off the lot by a buyer, and is a label that will make even a very recently produced car drop in price by thousands of pounds.


The most common reason potential buyers look first at used cars is that the price of a vehicle that is considered used will be a minimum of 20% lower than the equivalent car considered new. This is because cars depreciate in value the moment they are first taken off the dealer’s lot, and will lose up to 25% of their value right off the top before you drive your first full kilometre. This drop in price will only continue to increase over the next two years before slowing down significantly, although the rate of loss will vary from vehicle to vehicle, until you have a vehicle in great condition, but only worth a fraction of the price you originally paid for it.


Since a car is considered used the moment it is taken from the dealer, you may find a used BMW for sale in Wakefield that is only a year or two old along with minimal driving done with the vehicle. Many used vehicles are rather young because the driver decided to choose another vehicle for any number of reasons, which is a serious way for you to take advantage of the latest technology without the price tag attached to the vehicle hitting unreasonable heights. You deserve to drive the best there is available, but you should certainly not be forced to do so by spending all of your hard-earned money on a car loan which may take years to pay off.


You may find absolutely all makes and models of vehicles for sale at a reduced price when you choose a used vehicle over a brand new one, allowing you true diversity in your options. It may be that you spend much of your time driving off traditional roads, or only need a vehicle with great petrol efficiency. Whatever your needs, you will find them met with a used vehicle without any trouble, so long as you find the right dealers to help you in your choice.

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