February 1, 2019

Top 6 Tips to Avoid Car Accidents

  • by Vina Vicki
  • 2 Years ago
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Road safety is a priority worldwide. Auto accidents are a devastating experience that brings about injuries and unforeseen suffering. They are the major cause of death locally and nationally. Data from Ohio State Highway Patrol suggest that more than 100 fatal accidents occur in Ohio annually. After car accidents, you should seek counsel with an experience OH personal injury attorney to assist in filing for a compensation claim.

The most saddening thing is that these car accidents are preventable.  Here are some tips you can put to practice to help you avoid car accidents.

1.     Choose a safe car and maintain it perfectly

You should keep up with your car’s maintenance to help avoid many injuries. Always ensure that your car’s brakes and tires are ever ready for the road. It is also very important to ensure your engine is checked regularly.

When considering buying a new car, ensure you don’t rush to buy the cheap ones. Rather, you should target those with built-in rear mirrors and inbuilt accident avoidance devices. In short, look for a car that has additional in-built features to help you in avoiding accidents

2.     Avoid distracted driving

Distracted driving entails the driver taking his or her attention off the road to focus on something else rather than the driving itself. The forms of distraction you should avoid while driving includes the following:

  • Texting
  • Using your cell phone for calling
  • Changing CDs or music in the car system
  • Having an argument with someone you are carrying

When it is very necessary for some of these distractions to be attended to, you can pull over and finish up attending to it and proceeding with your journey when you are through. This is a strategy that can save many lives and minimize traffic accidents.

3.     Avoid drinking and driving

Drinking and driving in Ohio will result in you paying hefty fines, getting your car impounded and even getting a jail sentence. Furthermore, your license will be suspended.

4.     Avoid construction areas or sites

When construction is going on, there may be detours from the regular route. If you are planning to get drunk, it is wise to hire a taxi. You may pass through a construction site which may have debris which can cause blowout when run through.

5.     Follow the rules of the road

Always ensure that you follow laid down strategies and rules to the latter and call it. Ensure that you observe even the streetlights and proceed only when it is safe to do so. You should keep your eyes on the road to avoid abrupt kids running on the road or children

6.     Follow the stipulated traffic way

Driving too fast is creating a high risk of having an accident. As a driver, you should ensure that you fully observe and respect road rules which regard; also ensure to slow down when coming to an accident

Safety on the road begins with you. Once you take the initiative to ensure that you do the appropriate things on the road, you can reduce your chances of creating an accident. Should an accident still occur even after you practice these safety tips, it is crucial that you seek the services of an experienced Ohio personal injury attorney. The attorney will assist you in the filing of a lawsuit against the other driver, and in the compensation or claim case.

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