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Toyota To Offer Electric Versions Of All Of Their Car Models

  • by Vina Vicki
  • 1 year ago
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Electric cars are our future. Before we know it, all of our vehicles will most likely be running on electricity and no longer ran by gas. However, before this full transition happens, more and more automakers are announcing their plans to offer electric vehicles within their new lineups. The Toyota Motor Corporation has claimed they are aiming to have more than 50-percent of their new vehicle sales in the next 10 years come from electrified vehicles. To do this will require a significant amount of acceleration with the development and launching of these vehicles.

By the year 2025, Toyota wants to have every model of their lineup also be available in either an electric version or a gas and diesel version. By the year 2030, the company also aims to have in excess of five million in sales from electrified vehicles. This will account for more than half of their projected sales globally. They are planning to make available 10 or more battery-ran electric models by the early 2020s. These will first begin selling in China before they begin entering other global markets.

More Hybrid Options Coming

They will also begin to grow their hybrid vehicle options as well. Toyota plans more powerful versions of their hybrid models as well as developing more simple hybrid systems for some of their select models. Additionally, they plan to have more of their plug-in hybrid vehicles available by 2020. As more and more versions of electrified vehicles come into the market, people are looking for ways to come up with enough cash in order to purchase them or put a down payment on it. If you currently have an electric car, then electric car title loans might be a great option for you. To get a loan, all you need to do is apply online using your car’s title as collateral to secure the loan. After being approved, you will typically get your funds direct deposited to your bank account in as soon as one business day.

Currently, there are many limitations with regards to battery technology and they are being addressed. Many of the limitations being address include things like weight, cost, packaging and energy density. The Toyota company has been working hard on developing some solid-state next-generation batteries. They also want to commercialize this technology by 2020. In a recent announcement, Toyota plans to work with Panasonic to do a study on joint automotive prismatic batteries. A prismatic design may be able to reduce the cost of batteries as well as the packaging efficiency of them for the given voltage.

Environmental Goals

In 2015, the Toyota company had laid out a long series of environmental goals during their Environmental Challenge 2050 plan. Within this plan, they included a goal of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions coming out of their vehicles by up to 90-percent from their recorded 2010 levels by the middle of this century. During the Tokyo Motor Show held back in October, the company’s chief safety tech officer said in a conference that they plan to do away with combustion-only engines by 2040. Toyota had claimed that the reason they are doing this is because those types of vehicles do not align with the challenges’ goals.

Phase-Out Plan

During the announcement, this phase out process announcement offered key clarification as to the company’s plans for the future. To Toyota, the future is leading us to a path of all electric vehicles while doing away with combustion engine-only vehicles.

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