November 10, 2018

What Should You Choose – Mercedes Benz or Lexus

  • by Vina Vicki
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When it comes to cars, different people have their own choices and favorites. Some people prefer sedans while others prefer SUVs. However, the one thing that everyone can agree on is the topic of luxury cars. There are many different luxury car brands out there, however, in this article we will focus on Lexus and Mercedes Benz. And the comparison will be of both sedans and SUVs. This is to make sure that all car preferences get covered. Most car owners tend to believe that Mercedes Sedans are better while Lexus SUV reign supreme. Let’s find out how true this belief is:


Mercedes Benz has always committed itself to making the best, performance driven and powerful vehicles. And this shows when you look at their average performance against that of Lexus. This gives Mercedes an average performance score of 9.0 compared to an 8.1 of Lexus. In conclusion, Mercedes’ cars have been German engineered to make them more efficient, powerful and at the same time, easy to control.

Lexus may try to top Mercedes Benz in this aspect, however, it fails at doing so, despite its lineup of amazing and powerful cars.


Mercedes Benz has shown an extreme commitment to luxury and high quality in their interiors. Their highest rated cabin has a score of 9.3, whereas Lexus tops at just 8.5. This is because of the amazing features Mercedes Benz offers its drivers. The seats are made with the best quality Italian leather and can rapidly warm up in winters. Even their shape and design are incredibly ergonomic to make a long road trip feel like a breeze. They have cooled cup holders along with the best in class entertainment system a car could offer.

Lexus on the other hand offers a more minimalistic design that isn’t quite synonymous with luxury.


When it comes to driving a car, you want to make sure that you will be safe. And Mercedes Benz makes sure of that with its accident prevention system and auto lane maintenance. Mercedes also offers airbags for all necessary seats that rapidly expand in case a collision is detected by its sensors.

Lexus stands almost equally here and offers all the above features in its luxury models as well.


In terms of lineup, Mercedes Benz certainly reigns supreme with its arsenal of luxury cars. Lexus offers a smaller range of variety here.

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