Why Great Customer Support isn’t Dead

  • by Vina Vicki
  • 3 Years ago
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Every now and then you meet somebody that shares your desire for no matter what you are enthusiastic about. Today was on that day for me personally. There might be an era gap between me and also the forefront pointed out nevertheless the synergy transcends the space.

I’ve been training managers for any better a part of fifteen years. I’ve been a cafe or restaurant manager since 1990. For the reason that time I’ve met way too couple of individuals who share my pride and swagger when it comes to customer support. I recognize that people get exhausted. I understand that many people have been in my profession like a support plan. I’m sorry their original quest didn’t exercise. I’ll find out regarded the consolation prize manager…please quit!

Yesterday I met Richard Saporito. Not in person but through email correspondence and something telephone conversation. I lately purchased his book “How you can Improve Dining Area Service”. It is a great read after studying it’ thought it essential to write him and thank him for writing it. He responded within 24 hours having a “non”-auto response email. I asked him to check out my two internet sites and find out if he’d enjoy being interviewed on the teleseminar. He known as me later your evening so we immediately hit them back.

I’m a restaurant manager within the tourist capital of scotland- Destin, Florida. He a upon the market operator switched consultant that has spent his entire existence within the thick culture of recent You are able to City. We’re from two very unrelated cultures. That might be in which the variations ended.

This man was as open a magazine because the one of the numerous that he’s written. A sort, gentle voiced renaissance man. My company partner did not know what to anticipate whenever we began the job interview. We’d get hit within the mind with Rich’s loads of desire for the that both of us are still very active. The scheduled half hour interview went an hour easily because he walked us through his successes and failures spanning 30 years in the industry. Bobby (my lady) and that i were mesmerized by his story telling. Mr. Saporito gave us the why, how and how much of details that typical workshops would not cover.

How to the non restaurant person the job interview could be considered hoakie and boring. Towards the restaurant lifer (by choice) it had been the greatest breath of outdoors I’ve breathed in an exceedingly lengthy time. I really hope to complete a minimum of 3 more interviews on customer support with Wealthy. The following month I will be getting to cost controls until then I am likely to savor this a part of my plan and discover all I’m able to from him.

Easily the funniest area of the whole conversation was as he thanked me to make HIS week. I can not express how proud that statement helped me.

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